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Small groups lessons

Small groups classes (maximum 6 persons) take place on mornings from 9:00 to 10:30 and last 90 mn.

Developping the 4 basic skills - understanding, speaking, reading and writing - is our objective. 

In every session we study some new grammatical items as well as new vocabulary that we immediately put into practice in communication situations and written exercises.

With beginners' groups  we focus on French pronunciation and comprehension exercices.  

Reading press articles and short texts, expressing ideas, opinions and feelings is practiced with more advanced students. Writing e-mails and letters make part of our programme.  Here we insist on writing, syntax and French spelling.

Private lessons

Private lessons last 60 mn and offer the same range of activities as the group classes that is developping the 4 basic skills.

Here  however the student's specific needs are taken into account and we can focus on her/his professional activities, personal projects, and  interests, etc..     

The most appropriate solution for those who want to progress at their own rythm.

Conversation classes

Conversation classes last 60 mn.

Intermediate level : session can be dedicated to a specific situation in daily life with study of  useful idioms, specific words and verbs in relation. Then we act it out in interactive dialogues. A short text can also be the start of our conversation. 

With advanced students we get on larger topics but current events (press articles, interviews, or authors' quotations) often provide a starting point. Here emphasis is put on students' ability to argue, to express their opinion and to debate.

Support classes in French

Depending on the student(s) level and specific needs we will revise grammar, spelling or syntax,  we will practice and enrich vocabulary and consolidate the learning through tailored made exercices. Help to the writing of texts.

Book Club

A monthly meeting dedicated to French-language literature to discover contemporary works. Each month we read a new book.

Members of the Book Club receive authors' biographies and tracks to help their reading and to contribute to the debates. On request we can also go into 19th century literature.

Preparation for
DELF or DALF exams

Private or semi-private lessons of 60 mn to get ready to the DELF (Diplôme d'Etude en Langue Française), the DALF exam (Diplôme Approfondi en Langue Française) or the FIDE, the new Swiss certification for languages (French, German or Italian). DELF and DALF are international  and worldwide recognised language diplomas issued by the French Education Ministry. In Switzerland, the DELF diploma is integrated into various national education plans.

Your French knowledge and skills must be supplemented by specific exercises to get to know the requirements of these kinds of exams. 

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