What is l'école buissonnière ?

After many years teaching in an international school and several private schools in the region of La Côte, Isabelle Lusenti finalized her concept of French lessons for expatriates and offers French classes from her home in Prangins since 2010.


During my years teaching in an international school, I noticed that many foreign ladies were "forgotten" so to say, when arriving in Switzerland from abroad.

They have to cope with daily issues and administrative requirements in a culture and a language they do not or very little understand. At times these ladies can benefit from a compatriots' network but even then  they will often struggle with integrating themselves because of the language barrier. I made up my mind that one day I would open classes for these persons which would not  only be French classes but would also provide an opportunity to become familiar with Swiss culture, habits and traditions.

That is how l'école buissonnière was created in May 2010 in Prangins.

Classes take place at Isabelle's home as she prefers to welcome students in more cosy surroundings than a standard classroom. The place lends itself well to small groupes or private tuition, and particularly well to specific lessons like "home and furniture, cooking and cooking equipment, food, garden and gardening tools, etc.. "

Discovering the traditions and the institutions of Switzerland as well as some historical references  also makes part of our programme. 

Gentlemen are most welcomeFor all those who work it is possible to organize private lessons in the early evening.